Custom Software

Sometimes you have demands that an out-of-the-box solution will not solve.

When a client wants custom software it often means they have demands that an out-of-the-box solution will not solve. With this in mind, our first priority with each project at Depth is designing and developing a superior solution that will meet all the unique requirements of said project and we focus on this from the initial planning right on through to the testing of the completed product.

Custom software at Depth Interactive encompasses desktop applications, server utilities, web applications and mobile applications. Whatever platform you are looking to develop on, we can build a great, custom solution.

Each project has its own unique set of requirements. When we start a project at Depth Interactive we survey the current technological landscape and decide on the best components to meet the needs of the project. After this we build the project to fit the exact specifications our client was looking for which often incorporates several different technologies. One web application might call for a custom server setup with a MySQL database for the backend running a PHP web application with an HTML/Javascript front-end, for example. At Depth we never settle for an average solution, we always aim to deliver the best software package for the problem at hand.

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