Web Applications and Design

We create enterprise-level, fast, secure solutions that are 100% web-based.

Need a full-service application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world? We can create an enterprise-level, fast, secure solution that is 100% web-based. Whether it be as complex as a do-it-all CRM, or as simple as an in-house document tracker, we can create it. Depth Interactive has a great deal of experience writing software to replace existing products and developing new web-based applications. A great application starts with careful planning and design, and is built with attention-to-detail during development and thorough testing. We focus on every stage of development in Depth and keep in constant contact with the client to ensure the project is moving forward toward the vision you have for it. We understand that without a simple, intuitive userinterface, all the advanced technology that is powering the site will be lost on frustrated users.

With many web-based applications, the software is only as good as the hardware it is running on, and as such, we always make sure the hardware is best-suited to fit your needs. Whether this means modifying an existing server setup, or designing and building a whole new one, we will make sure you have a high-quality back-end to run your system on.

Web-based applications cover a wide-range of uses: from a massive, social-networking site to an in-house intranet site with tools for setting calenders and tracking time, or even a simple blog to post your latest pictures and videos. As you can see, the possibilities for web-based applications are almost endless, and we strive for excellence in performance, usability, and appearance, in every site we build.

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