Court Intelligence Applications

UI + UX Design, Web & iOS Development

This native iPad app enables coaches to track and log the action happening on the court real-time, and later use analytics the app generates to determine which plays worked best with which players.

Play by Player

More and more coaches at the college and high school level are looking at analytics to help inform their decisions about the action taking place on the court. Which play has worked best when players A, B, and C are on the court (and player D is on the bench)? Do our defensive points per possession go up or down based on certain factors? Depth worked with Court Intelligence to create an app that places all this information at the fingertips of basketball coaches across the country.

Coaching Assist

In addition to the iPad app, Depth built a custom CMS that enables coaches to manage their roster, review their history, and upload new plays. The data is synced between every activated iPad so the head coach can always be confident their assistants are always working with the latest and greatest data.

Analytics in basketball are about giving yourself an edge, reinforcing ideas you have about what's working and what's not, and Depth was excited to bring this power to coaches at every level.