GoPro Training Applications

UX + UI Design, Web, iOS & Android Development

GoPro products are sold and loved all over the world, and GoPro needed an application that would assist in training sales associates about everything these amazing products can do.

Design Evolution

Depth created a design that put the focus where it should be--the amazing GoPro products--and everyone who opens the app is taken on a journey through everything GoPro can do. Initially, we worked with GoPro to polish an existing training app that was outdated, and then we went to work on a totally new design that would better capture the excitement and capabilities of GoPro cameras and accessories.

Product Training

To keep the user engaged and coming back to the app, Depth designed a series of training games that both educate and entertain. Adding a level of gamification increased user retention and engagement which in the end produced the value GoPro was looking for--a better educated and interested sales team.

Complete Control

In addition to the native iOS and Android apps, Depth created a custom web CMS that enabled the GoPro admin team to manage all the content in the app, notify users about new content, and translate app content into 12 different languages. All this content is packaged into releases that are automatically downloaded to the devices so every bit of information continues to be accessible to users when they are offline.

These GoPro Training apps are used by over 100,000 people every month in over 120 countries.