KSL Classifieds Applications

iOS & Android Development

Native iOS and Android apps enable hundreds of thousands of users to quickly find and sell items. That original Model F keyboard you’ve been long searching for is only a couple taps away.

Buying and selling

KSL Classifieds is one of the most heavily used services in Utah and KSL came to Depth to develop new iPhone and Android apps from the ground up. The apps are used by thousands of users every day so Depth had to ensure the apps would be highly stable, easily usable by a wide range of demographics, and fun to use.

Shop Around

With an existing responsive website, when KSL approached Depth about native apps, they wanted to be sure the apps would create additional value for their users, and based on adoption, they certainly have. When building the apps, we focused on performance from the start to make sure and highlight one of the most significant advantages of going native--speed--while at the same time making sure users had access to the full range of features available on the site. The results have been impressive, with the amount of users and the amount of time each user spends inside the app increasing every quarter since launch.

KSL is constantly thinking about ways to improve their digital products and we’re excited to continue innovating with them as part of their team.