Packsize Web Applications

Web, iOS & Android Development

Packsize offers on-demand packaging to clients like Staples and Cabela’s and the sales app we built makes it easier than ever to demonstrate their solutions to potential customers.

Create a Workspace

Potential customers often wonder how the solutions Packsize offers are going to impact their workspace and production line. We created a workspace editor tool inside their new sales app that enables them to build out a virtual workspace and visualize how their new packaging facility will look and function.

Making Sales Easy

Packsize has a large collection of videos, white papers, and sales documents that highlight all the different ways their technology can improve how a company handles packaging, and they needed software that would enable their sales team to find this information easily, package it into custom presentations, and educate potential customers. The sales team is based all over the world and uses iOS, Android, and Windows devices to demonstrate their products, so we built a hybrid app that would run great on all their devices in different environments.

Marketing Backup

When Packsize is selling to a customer, they need a custom marketing page that highlights the key features relevant to this particular sale. The app enables users to create custom landing pages with whatever content they find most relevant, and customers are able to visit the pages, consume videos, and read PDFs.

Packsize continues to be one of Utah’s fastest growing companies and the software we build for them continues to aid their ever-growing team.